Art and Design at our school engages, inspires and challenges pupils and gives them skills to make their own works of art. They are given sketch books in Year 1 and develop their skills and knowledge in these over time.

The art and design curriculum reflects the needs of our pupils. This broadens and deepens their vocabulary and helps them develop greater oracy skills. They use art to share their emotions and this improves their mental health. Drawing and painting is highly valued throughout school. Every class is given a range of focus artists to learn about and they reflect on their art and use this to inspire their own.


This is where the pupil’s love of art begins and they make a piece of art that is valued and personal every day. When painting, they get the chance to mix colours and add texture.


Here pupils use different materials to show their ideas and feelings. They begin to use a range of techniques and tools to explore colour, patterns and textures. Children in EYFS are encouraged to create artwork through everyday provision activities. They also have focussed art lessons in which they are split into key groups and learn to analyse, reflect and evaluate the works of famous artists. This helps them to create art of their own.

Key Stage 1

This is where pupils explore line, colour and shape. They experiment with pattern and texture through paint and drawing and introduced to printing. They begin to develop an understanding of the different styles, techniques and artists.

Key Stage 2

Pupils in KS2 are encouraged to explore form and space. They also improve their knowledge of line, colour, shape, pattern and texture within their own painting and drawing. In Lower Key Stage 2, pupils learn about collage and textiles. They develop a greater understanding of the different styles, techniques and artists. in upper Key Stage 2, they find out about sculpture and continue to develop a good understanding of different styles, techniques and artists.

Year 3 – Kandinsky inspired art
Year 4 – sketching
Year 6 – Macbeth inspired art
Year 6 – Primary and Secondary Colours
Year 6 – Introduction to Still life – Cezanne

Sequences of Learning